SoCal Droners: Where are you?

So were do fellow SoCal Droners fly?

I live in Hacienda Heights in the SGV.  So I usually fly at Schabarum Park across from the La Puente Mall on weekends which is pretty close and offers some nice views.

I take my drones anywhere I can.  Big Bear, random hiking trails in LA or the OC.  Even local parks.  But I never see anyone else flying.

It would be awesome to meet up with some fellow droners on the weekends to fly, hang, and discuss all that which is drone.

Do you live in Orange County or Los Angeles County and like to fly on the weekends?  Where do you go?  I would love to hear from you.  Please leave some comments below.


4 responses to “SoCal Droners: Where are you?

  1. I fly at heer park, it’s literally 5min away from schabarum park…
    If u are still trying to meet up with other pilots I am more than willing to meet up at that park


    • Hi Juansu12,

      Sorry for the laaaaaaate reply. I actually haven’t flown there for quite some time, I got really busy with work and family that my flight time has been cut way down. So I usually keep my 509G in my trunk, and fly it whenever there is an opportunity. Or when I go hiking at random trails with the fam.

      Plus, I heard Schabarum put up a no flying sign. I will have to investigate that further.

      I am trying to adjust my schedule so I get some more personal time on the weekends to go fly. As I have a Cheerson CX-20 now that I need to figure out.

      What are you flying?



  2. Chris I went there today to fly my drone and there was a sign say no flying around. Which sucks a empty field. That is never used.


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