3D FPV for Drones?!?!

3D Photo compliments of NVIDIA, me with the StarCraft girls at Blizzcon 2010.

Hello fellow Droners,

So what do you know about 3D FPV for Drones?  Is it finally here?  I have been doing a lot of research on this subject, as it seems the next logical step in the evolution of FPV.  Especially with the recent introduction of Google Cardboard, and the Oculus Rift.

High End 3D FPV
It is definitely here if you have the money to spend:

Here is their official site:
This was literally not an option two months ago.
The cameras just came out, with nothing to attach them to yet.
But it is not compatible with Google Cardboard.
So at least $500 to get started with this, not including a drone.

Here is another one:

3D FPV with Google Cardboard
So what about 3D FPV for budget drones?
This looks like it is already on the radar.

A lot of good info on this page:

Here are some guys getting into the app side of the conversations.
They mention an app called OpenROV:
If you follow to the end, it looks like they kind of abandon the project in favor of Oculus Rift???
Don’t know, that’s just kind of how it feels.

Then I found this one too, but it looks like you need some more expensive equipment in-between.

Another one which uses some additional gear:

2.4GHz or 5.8GHz, that is the Question
2.4GHz can have some lag, but is the cheapest solution.  If we put the phone in Google Cardboard, that puts some better distance in between the remote controller antenna and the video receiver antenna (phone in this case).  But there is still the chance of interference and lag.

5.8GHz seems like a better option technically, but would involve a few extra bucks.

Check this video:

Another option which still costs money though, but connects straight to your phone via USB using OTG protocol:

Found another related post on this:

Should we even consider 2.4GHz?  It is the cheapest solution, but there is just too much lag and interference.  I feel like sticking with 5.8GHz, as a lot of budget drones (like the JXD 509G) come with 5.8GHz out of the box.  This would just allow for the addition of some budget goggles using an OTG receiver with your phone and Google Cardboard.

Let your brains assimilate all this data, then let your subconscious chew on it.  That’s usually what I do, tons of research, then back to normal life.  Then, while taking a shower or listening to music on the drive to work, all of the sudden my subconscious throws an epiphany at me.  If I try to think too hard myself, my brain gets stuck, so I leave it all to my subconscious to process in the background.  Seems much more effective.

What are your thoughts on this subject?  Any ideas on how to get 3D FPV going for budget drones without breaking the bank?
I would love to hear from you, please leave your questions or comments below.


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