The “Ultimate Drone Matrix” SpreedSheet


Click the below link to open the Ultimate Drone Matrix Spreadsheet in Google Docs.

Click Here: Ultimate Drone Matrix

Or copy and paste:–7tKiRSf0Sn1-Nboy6HNjG81mUKs9ARhqS8d50k/pubhtml?gid=1181150616&single=true


All of the data in this matrix is copied from other sources.  I try to use the manufactures stats/specifications whenever possible.  When the manufactures data is not available, I use what is stated on product descriptions from,,, etc…  And when all else fails, I look for info in forums and blogs.  So please consider all data in this matrix to be approximate.  I will not be held responsible for errors in the matrix.  Please perform your own due diligence and do the proper research before purchasing a drone.  If you find any errors in this matrix, please leave comments with links to supporting data.  I will be more then happy to update the matrix with correct/more accurate data.


Model: The model number and name of the drone.

Make: The name of the manufacturer of the drone.

Cost: The approximate cost of the drone the last time I checked.  I mainly use Amazon’s prices.  But will list and when I get affiliate status.

Rotors: The number of rotors/props on the drone.

Size: The Length x Width x Height of the drone.  I try to get the size from the edge of a prop guard to the opposite edge. But this is not always available.

Weight lbs: The weight of the drone in pounds, including  all stock items that ship with the drone.  Battery, prop guards, landing gear, etc…

Weight Grams: Same as above, just is grams for the international community.  As most drones are manufactured in China, this is usually the default spec.

Control Frequency: The frequency the remote control/transmitter uses to control the drone.

Control Range Feet: The maximum distance in feet that you can safely fly the drone before it looses contact.  For budget drones, they usually shut down when they loose contact.

Control Range Meters: Again, same as above, just in meters.

FPV: Marked if the drone supports “First Person View” out of the box.

FPV Frequency: The frequency the camera uses to transmit video back to the receiver.

Camera: Mainly the Resolution of the stock camera, but sometimes the model of the camera the drone is compatible with.  i.e. Some drones come GoPro ready out of the box.

Battery: The V(voltage) and mAh(milliamp hour) ratings of the stock battery that ships with the drone.

Max Charge Time: The maximum time it takes to charge a stock battery with the stock charger.  If a manufacturer states 60 to 70 minutes, I will list 70.

Average Run Time: The average run time you get using a fully charged stock battery.  If a manufacture states 6 to 8 minutes, I will list 6 to 8 minutes.

Headless: Marked if the drone supports “headless mode” out of the box.

RTH: Marked if the drone supports “Return to Home” out of the box.

Wheels: Marked if the drone is multi-functional and has working “Wheels” out of the box.

GPS: Marked if the drone supports “GPS” out of the box.

Follow Me: Marked if the drone supports “Follow Me/GPS Tracking” out of the box.

Manufacturer Site: The link to the official manufacturer’s page for said drone.

Purchase Online: The link to purchase said drone, mainly using Amazon right now.

Price Last Checked: The last time I checked the price for said drone, mainly using Amazon right now.

Notes: Anything notable about said drone that is not covered in the default categories.

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